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Who would believe that after such a gruesome accident can spark a wonderful zest for life, wisdom and insight, motivation and inspiration? To walk with Irene down the road to s whole new life should give anyone who pick up and read this book greater understanding of the word determination. HELGA STEYN

“I am still here” is about Irene’s life after she was in a horrific car crash in which she sustained a traumatic brain injury. She suddenly found herself in a totally different world – the challenging world of the disabled. Her story details her desperate search for answers to difficult questions that arise due to her brain that was badly injured and its remarkable ability of repairing itself to a great extent. Irene speaks about the important lessons she learned after the life altering accident. Her courage, determination and fighting spirit will certainly amaze and motivate you.

Anita Roddick says: “Be courageous. It’s one of the only places left uncrowded.” How true these words are. Even before Margarine’s accident I knew there were few people with her powers of perseverance. Now, after the accident,  I know there are even less. Rian van Heerden

Irene’s book is available in English and Afrikaans and will be available from the beginning of November 2015. (Further details to follow.)

What Irene has to say about the origin of her book …

It was mainly inspired by a quote from Maya Angelou. “Teach people how to treat you.”
A lot of people avoid me, because I am disabled and that makes them uncomfortable. I feel this is because they do not know how to handle the situation when they are suddenly confronted w. I wanted to tell them how to behave around me. Easy as that because in society someone with a disability is often shunned, mostly because they make other people feel uncomfortable. I believe this is because most people do not understand any particular disability at all and hence theith a person in a wheelchair, or any other disability actually. They do not know how to behave around the afflicted person at all. Most able-bodied person usually decides to side-step someone with a disability in order to avoid awkwardness and embarrassment.

My main aim is to create awareness about brain injuries so as to promote kindness and compassion towards myself as well as other people in similar positions as mine. All living beings deserve to be treated with respect and I am simply trying to fight for my slice of human dignity.

“I hope my book will help with creating a shift in consciousness so that the general public will be more mindful toward disabled persons.” IRENE FISCHER

For any enquiries about my book please contact me

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